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Honoring Two Exceptional Caregivers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of our daily lives. But perhaps no one has been more impacted than the direct-care home care workforce. That is why the Home Care Alliance, Home Care Aide Council, and Mass Home Care have come together to recognize and honor the dedicated, front-line professionals caring for the most vulnerable in their homes.

Member agencies nominated over 100 home care workers. Always Here Home Care honored two exceptional workers who went above and beyond during this challenging time.

Ramona, a traditional caregiver at Always Here Home Care, throughout the pandemic ensured a familiar client maintained consistency and was safe and comfortable.

According to Lauren, Always Here Home Care’s Scheduling Manager, “Ramona is one of the most compassionate caregivers at Always Here Home Care. She can connect with clients and make them feel respected and loved by sharing and listening to stories. Her willingness to make accommodations significantly improves every one of her client’s quality of life.”

During the pandemic, Ramona recently began caring for a client with dementia whose family was apprehensive about introducing someone new to their mom. Ramona reported back after her first shift, “Working with this client is going to be wonderful. We got along like old friends and enjoyed listening to music and swapping stories about our families. She is a lovely woman.”

Always Here Home Care also recognized Tiara for this honor. Tiara, throughout the COVID pandemic, increased her hours at Always Here Home Care to ensure that her clients were not only safe and comfortable but remained engaged to prevent decompensation during this stressful and isolating time.

An example of Tiara going above and beyond was when she was working with a client in a dementia unit. Although he was not COVID positive, others in his unit were, which resulted in the entire unit going into lockdown. Tiara had just worked a twelve-hour shift with this client when she got a call explaining that the caregiver meant to relieve her had a family emergency and was not be able to come. Tiara immediately suggested that she stay throughout the night to ensure that this client was safe.

“Tiara is by far one of the best caregivers that Always Here has ever employed,” Katie, Manager of Case Management, explains, “Her dedication to her clients and compassion for others shines through her work. She is a caregiver that looks past a client’s behavior to see the person inside and does whatever she can to help that person enjoy their senior years.”

Always Here Home Care is thrilled to recognize these two exceptional caregivers and sincerely thanks all essential home care workers for being shining lights during this challenging time.

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