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In Recruiting

Expect the best when you hire us. We expect the same of those we hire. Our application process is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive in the industry. We hire only the finest professionals, in all caregiving categories, only employing 2% of Traditional Caregivers who apply. After our exhaustive vetting process including three separate interviews, the last question we ask ourselves before we hire a caregiver is, “Would I want this person working with someone close to me?”

Mandatory Employee Checks Knowledge, Skills &
Abilities Assessment
Personal Attributes Evaluation
Identification Verification General Caregiving Test
(multiple choice)
(On-time to Interviews & Assessment)
Legal Employment Status Dementia Care Test
(multiple choice)
Appropriate Attire & Hygiene
Criminal Background Check (CORI) Bloodborne Pathogen Test
(multiple choice)
Interpersonal Skills
(One-on-One & Group)
Credential/s Verification Code of Conduct Quiz
(multiple choice)
Personal Demeanor/Values
(Friendly, Caring, Compassionate, Empathetic,
Respectful, Honest, Trustworthy)
Employment History Verification Writing Samples
(3 short essays)
Verbal Communication
(Speaking Clearly)
Reference Checks Problem/Crisis Management Evaluation
(scenario-based: verbal)
Lifetime Interests/Hobbies,
Passions & Goals
Sex Offender Registry Check (SORI) Morals / Values Evaluation
(scenario-based: verbal)
Driving Record Check Technology Evaluation
Office of Inspector General Check


Client & Caregiver

We understand, the client/caregiver relationship reaches far beyond fulfilling an individual’s practical needs. It is a relationship that can be powerful, intimate and profound in nature, ultimately enhancing the lives of both client and caregiver. This is why we spend a great deal of time and energy vetting our caregivers, getting to know our clients and ultimately thinking about which of our caregivers will work best with each of our clients. As a matter of integrity, we will not put any caregiver with any client. And we will not settle for anything less than the best caregivers in the industry.

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