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Always Here sees an opportunity for a unique and powerful collaboration with our clients. People want to live life to the fullest and control their own destiny. Thus, we start by asking an important question, “What can we do to enhance and promote your best life?”

With our unique suite of innovative services, we can address clients' practical needs, foster high-level social and intellectual engagement, and complement each client's specific lifestyle.


Our knowledgeable social work Care Case Managers and nursing professionals specialize in recognizing potential client care needs before they become a problem. Recognizing potential problems early can mean avoiding a dramatic life change, or a serious event. From home safety to health concerns, we can help minimize undesirable circumstances impacting our clients' lives.


Always Here utilizes cutting edge technology to maximize efficiency and strengthen connections with clients. Always Here caregivers have smartphones with a HIPAA compliant homecare app.  This app enables caregivers to clock in and out via GPS, check off care plan tasks and record shift notes.

Care Case Managers utilize this information to keep close tabs on caregiver and client activity and post notes daily to a HIPAA compliant family portal. This means everyone collaborating in a client’s care, near or far away, can remain informed, up to date and involved.


Expect the best when you hire us. We expect the same of those we hire. Our application process is one of the most rigorous in the industry. We hire the finest professionals, in all caregiving categories, employing only 2% of Traditional Caregivers who apply. As part of our exhaustive vetting process which includes three separate interviews, ultimately we ask ourselves, “Would I want this person working with someone I care about?”


Our clients and caregivers need support when they need it, not just during regular business hours. Therefore, an Always Here On-Call Manager is available after hours and on weekends to address any needs, concerns or questions.

Family Owned & Operated

Brooke and Terrance own 100% of the company and continue to work full-time. Along with the Always Here team, they are dedicated to providing superior care to their clients…care they would only want for their own family.


A little support can provide enormous freedom. Most people want to live life as they see fit. Always Here can provide assistance that allows people to continue the activities and lifestyle they are accustomed to. Whether clients want to go to the office, attend a theatre performance, play a musical instrument, or go to a local café for a coffee and lively discussion, we can help them live their best life.

Tell us how we can support your best life!

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